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Turf Talents

The maintenance of sports fields in Europe goes back more than 150 years, with the Netherlands leading the way in field & grass maintenance.

They are leaders in new innovations and high-quality products in the turfgrass business. For example: vertidrain, hybrid fields, fraise mowing, grow lights and many more are Dutch products and innovations.

Turf Talents originated in the Netherlands where it was known as GrasMeesters (grass masters) by Arno Harmsen, in 2011. From his ideology that more is possible with good collaboration, the company has established a name that is recognized for its innovative vision, sustainable commitment and professionalism of work in the turf industry throughout Europe.

Our experience in the construction and maintenance of (hybrid-) fields and fraise mowing goes back more than twelve years. There is no field project that we can not manage and bring to an optimal level!

Since 2019 we have broaden our Turf Talents services to North America. Offering the same philosophy, passion and knowledge to Professional Organizations and Municipalities and Associations

Our mission statement

Innovative vision

As corporate citizens, we have the responsibility and ability to care for our world and deliver it sustainably to future generations. That is a challenge that Turf Talents actively strives  to achieve.

This goal is met by making informed choices in the advice we provide, by encouraging the use of sustainable innovations and by taking the lead in applying them. We can achieve this by making  fields better in a sustainable way with the use of good quality products even if sometimes this means going against the stream.

At Turf Talents we are aware that this can lead to critical questions. We are therefore committed to communicating our knowledge, advice and insights as comprehensively and carefully as possible to anyone who is involved.

Thorough and Professional

For every project and for every field we have the complete desire to achieve the best results within the budget. We always work with a vision for the short and long term and with an eye for people and the environment.

We work with each of the stakeholders on an equal basis to achieve the desired goal. We are critical where necessary, address parties about their responsibilities and are open to improvements.

We also apply the same professionalism for ourselves. This means that we stand by the expertise of the advice we give, that we are open and honest about our options and ask for specialist support where this contributes to the execution and the result of an assignment. We do not work with a standard program. In our opinion every field is different and requires a different maintenance program.

Why you should work with Turf Talents

For independent advice

Turf Talents works independently and is not bound to suppliers and/or contractors!

Why? The industry is changing rapidly, and we believe that we should not be tied to a specific brand or product in order to provide optimum advice. Our interest lies first with the field. We assist owners and clients with ensuring that the field generates the profits using the best solutions to meet the challenges.

For choosing and maintening hybrid fields the right way

Hybrid fields offer higher playability and better stability and are an upcoming market.

Grounds managers and teams need to trust an independent expert with years of experience in installing and maintaining these fields.

Every hybrid system is different and has its own benefits and disadvantages. Also every field or club has its own requirements when they wish to install a hybrid field. Turf Talents has 12 years experience in the maintenance of hybrid fields and has recently completed a two-year study into all different systems.

These fields have specific maintenance needs and knowledge required to execute. At Turf Talents we have the exact knowledge and practical expertise. We are the only turf consultant company with this expertise and experience!

For the best and safest fields within the lines of each budget

Turf Talents has always been innovative and the first to introduce many state-of-the-art techniques and devices. Not to innovate on itself. But in order to create better fields with the use of good quality products. This will allow our clients to get the best and safest fields in a responsible, sustainable way and even reduce the annual cost.

  • We are the first worldwide sportsturf consult using the POGO sensors
  • We developed a new maintenance program for hybrid sports fields
  • We are the first worldwide turf grass consultant using the field tester on grass
  • We introduced several products for turfgrass maintenance
  • We use several new techniques to maintain or renovate fields