Municipalities and Associations

Full oversight of field management

The passion for the game starts with a superior field.

Turf Talents is partners with municipalities, schools/universities, and associations to provide advice, management, and supervision of sports fields. We know the requirements that are needed to build sustainable fields within the possibilities and needs of clients and users.

During the construction, renovation and the management of a natural grass field, various needs, preferences and interests come together. Turf Talents speaks the language of the grounds staff, recognizes the needs of the owners and knows the working methods of contractors and suppliers.

Our sustainable involvement supports the client on every aspect of a project. Together, with our professional knowledge and innovative vision, we are able to take a field to a demonstrably higher level within the set budget.

How we can be of service

Substantially improved quality

Planning and construction

Each project is unique and tailor-made, because we don’t believe in package solutions. Turf growth is a result of a combination of different factors from soil condition, to playable capacity and from budget to quality of the staff.

We know the requirements that are needed to build sustainable fields within the possibilities and desires of clients and users.

Our expertise enables us to guide projects from the development phase up to the supervision of construction. We advise independently on the systems, equipment and products to be applied on the construction. This to gain the best suited solution within the set budget of every project.

Guidance and advice field managing for local union. Results within one year; significantly improve field quality, higher playing capacity and increase membership by 20%.

Maintenance and supervision

Our approach goes far beyond simply providing an advisory report.

Turf Talents distinguishes itself through its personal guidance and practical approach in achieving an optimal field within the parameters of each club.

As a result, every project is tailor-made, giving the club  complete insight into all aspects of field management, both in the short and long term.

Turf Talents guarantees excellent performance on all its projects to the complete satisfaction of all parties. Fields will improve in quality while the budget remains the same or possibly even decreases. Communication with participating parties is also improved, so that work is carried out more efficiently and satisfactorily.

Quality measurements

In addition to our uniquely customizable consultations, we offer the following Turf Analysis Packages:

Turf Talents Quick Scan

Our TT Quick Scan is a visual check of soil and grass. This is carried out at a limited number of locations. The TT Quick Scan gives direct insight into current quality and will include a written report providing advice and recommendations for the short-term.

Turf Talents Start Scan

This quality measurement is a snapshot in which the current status of the field is assessed including the soil structure. Based on the TT Start Scan, long-term recommendations and suggestions will be provided. From here a multi-year maintenance plan can be drafted.

Turf Talents Top Performance Scan

With the TT Top Performance Scan, we look at the complete field and field management. We analyze everything from the quality of the soil and grass to the usage and maintenance of the field. In close cooperation with the client, a multi-year plan as well as budget is developed to achieve optimum results for the fields.