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total approach for a high-end field

“There are no excuses in elite sports”     Erik ten Hag, Manager – Ajax Amsterdam

Professional (American) football is a huge market. The media, sponsors and the millions of visitors and TV viewers expect entertainment to be at its highest level. For players and their technical staff, it is crucial to have a field of the best quality for optimum performance. While for management, this excellent quality field must work within the available budget.

For the ground staff this brings big responsibilities. In the words of Erik ten Hag, Manager – Ajax Amsterdam, “There are no excuses in elite sports”.

Turf Talents brings all the above-mentioned disciplines together. Alongside our practical knowledge, we work on the basis of data we collect during our field inspections and conversations with management, players and technical staff. In addition, we visit worldwide congresses, fairs and seminars to be up to date with the latest developments in turf management.

This means we can give objective advice that is meticulous and specific to the needs of your stadium field.

How we can be of service

get the best possible pitches

Planning and Construction

Our expertise enables us to guide projects from the development phase right up to and including the supervision of construction. We can advise independently on the systems, equipment and products to be applied on the construction within the set budget.

We have the absolute will to achieve the best results. This means that in addition to quality improvement in the short term, we also strive for the long-term sustainability of a field in optimal conditions.

A good field is crucial in professional football. Turf Talents works closely with the groundsman, technical staff and management in orde to create a perfect field for the game ànd the players.

Complete field renovation Go Ahead Eagles. The first game was played by the Dutch women’s team within four weeks. “An amazing achievement!” said Sarina Wiegman – head coach Dutch national women’s team.

“We want to ensure there is time and budget for what really matters; attention to the perfect turf.”

Maintenance and supervison

The maintenance of professional sports fields is so much more than just mowing grass.

Communication, investment plans, personnel policy. Besides the daily grass maintenance, there is a lot of other aspects included to a groundsman’s job. Turf Talents can relieve the management of a professional sports organisation and its grounds staff by supporting them in these tasks.

In close consultation we bring structure to the various activities, create an efficient planning and become partner in the maintenance of grass and soil. This ensures that there is time and budget for what really matters; attention to the perfect turf.

Data Driven Analysis for Technical Staff and Groundsman

The most underrated part of a football field is the relationship between the quality of the soil and grass and its connection to the physical strain of the players.

The players are crucial in a professional sports organization and represent the greatest value. By having them play on an optimal field, the chances of injuries are reduced. In addition, the right conditions improves the quality of training sessions and the performance.

With our data we can make a connection between users of the fields and translate this into a viable maintenance program. In this way we are the ideal partner between the technical staff and the ground team. Not only for the realization of a field that is visibly in perfect condition, but als has the optimum playing settings.

Now we can compete with the best pitches