The holistic view

what you can

expect from us

Whether you’re a grounds manager, consultant, contractor, club owner, or landscape architect, we love collaborating with you to create astonishing and sustainable sports fields using our holistic approach.

Our services start with the very first contact; we listen to your ideas, questions and challenges and decide how we can help you move forward.

Every single project is customized, so we can help you create the field that you need.

Deciding what sports field is best for you is complicated; we will help you with research into local conditions (weather and soil), usage (players’ age, gender, shoes, activities and sports) and budget (construction and maintenance).

In addition, understanding the different construction possibilities is critical to making the right choice for the long term.


With TurfTalent’s holistic approach, you can avoid misinformation and frustration in decision-making, project management, construction and maintenance. We come up with solutions where others stop.

Practical data

Our suggestions are based on science, data and our practical experience.


Building a field is one thing; maintaining it is another thing. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you alone in the woods because we are here to help for the long term.


We are team players, working with communities, contractors, designers and decision-makers to achieve the best possible playing field for everyone.  

When existing fields have problems, we use our innovative devices, techniques and experience to determine their causes and provide solutions. Our solutions can vary from a simple tip such as to implement divot repair up to an extensive report with complete renovations, including drainage, irrigation, resurfacing and CLS lighting.

Before installing the DrainTalent or Hybrid Turf, the substrate and subsurface of a field may have to be built or renovated. TurfTalents will help you with project management to ensure that mistakes and risks in this critical process are minimized so our revolutionary products can be effectively installed.

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