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DrainTalent is the award-winning circular water extraction and infiltration system that results in high-quality surfaces, no cancellations and increased use. Create the most sustainable fields in the world, save up to 100% of water use, maximize the growth of your grass and simplify your maintenance.


Hybrid grass is an innovative solution for sports fields that want to create sustainable, strong, natural, high-level pitches. Hybrid grass is a combination of natural grass and artificial turf that provides the benefits of both without their respective disadvantages. Hybrid grass ensures optimal conditions, resulting in high-quality surfaces that reduce injuries and increase performance. Our hybrid grass solutions are perfect for amateur and pro sports teams.

Rhenac Sports LED

The Rhenac Complete Light Spectrum (CLS), a variable spectrum technology, is the most advanced lighting technology anywhere.

Rhenac CLS redefines perfect grass growth, regardless of the stadium or sunlight exposure. CLS is revolutionary as you no longer need the sun to grow beautiful grass. The flexible CLS technology reproduces the entire spectrum of sunlight, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared light as each color of the light spectrum has a unique effect on the growth and treatment of your grass. CLS technology then immediately adapts to the needs of your grass, ensuring that the light reaching each section of the pitch, both in intensity and color, is appropriate and evenly distributed.

The result? The perfect pitch…all the time.

Endorsed by UEFA as well as the participating teams

“ It is my pleasure to write a recommendation of the activities that Turf Talents has done for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 in the Netherlands. The consultation and coordination involved 28 training pitches and 7 stadium pitches. Within two weeks after the assignment, a complete inventory of the quality of the pitches, a plan to get them in optimal condition as well as a corresponding budget had been submitted. Despite the short notice, Turf Talents submitted these reports on time and they were very clear and coherent, as were also the status reports the were submitted regularly until the start of the tournament. After the renovation process, the quality of all pitches was clearly improved, despite the difficult weather conditions in spring and early summer 2017. In addition, Turf Talents instructed and supervised the different contractors, municipalities and volunteers working at the trainings pitches. For the stadiums, Turf Talents had an advisory and controlling role. Also thanks to the cooperation with Turf Talents, the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 could be played on very good pitches, which was appreciated by UEFA as well as the participating teams.”

Robert Bossert Event Manager UEFA

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