DrainTalent Greener, Stronger, better

DrainTalent is a unique award-winning circular soil management system that continuously controls moisture levels within the soil. The results: high-quality surfaces, fewer cancellations, increased use and healthy grass. This system provides enormous advantages regarding sustainability solutions for municipalities, amateur and professional league teams.

The conceptually simple and uniquely engineered system infiltrates and extracts water on demand, making life much easier for your grounds management team and reducing between 40% to 100% of your water usage.

DrainTalent is a cost-saving solution in field construction, maintenance and performance. The system can be simply installed as quickly as five days without any complicated construction.

Extracting water

The DrainTalent extracts water from the top layer of the field at a rate that is revolutionizing the sports market. The results? Fewer cancellations, less surface damage and better fields.


When grass is watered at the root level, your field is healthier, less vulnerable to disease and recovers faster after play. Aeration With the Draintalent, you can also force air through the drainage pipes into your subsoil and out to the surface. Daily aeration creates beneficial oxygen and moisture levels that can help your grass withstand extreme temperatures.

Managing your pitch

Using your smart phone or a computer, you can monitor and manage every aspect of your field. Whether manually controlling the DrainTalent or allowing our AI to continuously operate, maintaining optimal water levels will improve your field’s root structure and team’s play.

DrainTalent fields in January

In the past, teams have had to wait to play on grass fields as they needed time to dry out. If they played too soon, a field could be irreparably damaged. If they cancelled play, well, players couldn’t play. With DrainTalent, your field is always available and ready to play, 24/7, because the system is always running.

additional TurfTalents innovations

The perfect balance of natural grass and artificial turf. Providing more playing hours, safer conditions and optimal performance.

The world’s best Grow Light System redefines perfect grass growth, regardless of the stadium or sunlight exposure. We no longer need the sun to grow grass.

Luuk de Jong, at PSV give Compliments regarding the pitch quality.

Sparta Rotterdam played against PSV in the Dutch Cup. Although the result wasn’t what Sparta hoped for, the pitch was in excellent shape. Even with a lot of rainfall these days, the DrainTalent is doing where it’s designed for.

Luuk de Jong, striker at PSV, gave Sparta compliments regarding the pitch quality. He enjoyed playing on a fantastic pitch, it was even better than their home pitch.

Previous season Sparta Rotterdam was criticized regularly about their artificial grass. With the transition to a hybrid GrassMaster Solutions pitch, built and maintained by AH Vrij Groen, Grond en Infra, they are now an example for all other professional clubs in The Netherlands.

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