The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid turf is real, natural grass with 5-10% synthetic fibres incorporated into the root zone, providing an extended playing season, a stronger and more durable root system, up to 4x times more playing hours, safer conditions for players and reduced maintenance.

Hybrid turf is the best solution it effectively combines the benefits of both natural grass and artificial turf without their respective disadvantages. The synthetic fibers protect the root zone of natural grass to ensure a stable and even surface. It reduces playing damage, and divots in the field and maximizes the energy restoration for the athlete.

Hybridturf has a proven track record for more than 20 years in major stadiums worldwide and is now also widely available for Municipalities, Universities, and Sports Clubs.

Best performance
  • Always a level playing surface
  • Less injuries especially ankle/lower leg injuries
  • Sliding tackles are safe to make
  • Smooth ball roll and bounce for a natural, more exciting game
  • Perfect balance in shock absorbency, energy restitution, and vertical deformation takes less energy from the athlete
  • First choice for pro-soccer players worldwide
Optimal value
  • Up to 700+ more playing hours per season
  • No re-sodding needed
  • Costs per field can be as much of 50% less than an artificial turf.
  • Can accommodate a variety of activities
  • Easy to maintain
    High sustainability
    • Low carbon footprint
    • Water use can be fully circular
    • CO2 absorption
    • Produces oxygen while reducing pollution
    • The natural surface buffers heats and stays up to 55°F / 30°C cooler than artificial turf fields in the summer

    We offer two different HybridTurf systems based on your needs; one that can be injected into an existing field and a carpet version for a new field, both their own pros and cons.

    additional TurfTalents innovations

    The award-winning circular water and soil management system, resulting in high-quality surfaces, no cancellations and increased use. The world’s most sustainable sports field saves you up to 100% of water usage.

    The world’s best Grow Light System redefines perfect grass growth, regardless of the stadium or sunlight exposure. We no longer need the sun to grow grass.

    Lets play together!

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