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The expectations and responsibilities in sports are a challenge. The media, sponsors and millions of visitors and TV viewers expect the very best. For these elite athletes, their passionate fans and the communities that count on them, the field has to be perfect in every way.

For the ground staff, this brings significant responsibilities because, in the words of Erik ten Hag, Manager – Manchester United, “There are no excuses in elite sports“.

TurfTalents represents and (co) developed the world’s most innovative sports field solutions. Whether you have a new project, existing fields or fields facing challenges, we can help you provide the premier playing experience using our vast knowledge and these trusted and innovative solutions.

Our products across the Americas

The perfect balance of natural grass and artificial turf. Providing more playing hours, safer conditions and optimal performance.

The award-winning circular water and soil management system, resulting in high-quality surfaces, no cancellations and increased use. The world’s most sustainable sports field saves you up to 100% of water usage.

The world’s best Grow Light System redefines perfect grass growth, regardless of the stadium or sunlight exposure. We no longer need the sun to grow grass.

We use these State-of-the-Art technologies to create the most incredible, high performance, cost-effective and sustainable sports fields.

We use these brands and our expertise to create a unique solution for your needs, whether you need hybrid grass / artificial turf, a sustainable drainage system, the world’s best grow lights, or a combination of all of them. It’s your field- we’re here to help.

Eric Ten Hag;  I can recommend Turf Talents as one of the best grass experts.

“I can recommend Turf Talents as one of the best grass experts! For a Soccer Head Coach, the quality of the pitches (stadium and training grounds) is one of the most important conditions to achieve success. With Turf Talents in charge of the technology behind your pitches, you get inspired experts who are totally aware of that fact. The team is committed and works hard! You can totally rely on TurfTalents to you get the best possible pitches!”

Erik ten Hag

Manger Manchester United, former Manager Ajax Amsterdam, FC Utrecht, and 3x award winner Dutch manager of the year

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Turf Talents is the element that binds together every aspect of your turf management project.