We bring the sun to your field

Rhenac CLS (Complete Light Spectrum) is the superior growth  light system for stadiums  worldwide. Why? The Rhenac CLS can replicate sunlight to sustainably grow your grass  with the specific light spectrum each field demands at every part of the day, for every stadium, outdoors or indoors.

Traditional LED or HPS does not compare with CLS technology because Rhenac CLS is far more advanced and durable. Working with this technology is simple; you can choose between the fully automated program to, for instance, recreate the light spectra of a nice spring day in March or manually control the settings and  secure the conditions you want.

Automated program

Grass, like every plant, has a sense of day and night. Grass also responds to a specific light spectrum, normally presented by the sun, to determine when to develop roots, elongate cells, etc. Now we can control this behavior with the Rhenac CLS.  We can elongate the ‘day’, by providing the right amount of photons, energy and temperature to create a homogeneous light amount on your sportsfield throughout the day. Sensors read the light intensity at exactly every moment allowing us to add the exact amount of light needed by the plant without overstressing it and wasting energy.

Need heat? Our installed infrared heaters provide exactly the right turf-temperature to allow the CLS System to create optimal growth.


Let’s make happen!

Turf Talents is the element that binds together every aspect of your turf management project.

Manual program

  • More roots? switch to the white-blue light spectrum.
  • Cell elongation and growth? Switch to a more red spectrum.
  • Higher density? Switch to the blue spectrum.
  • Faster germination? Turn on the IR-heaters and a purple spectrum.
  • Agronomic advice can be provided by our highly skilled agronomists.

With the Rhenac unit, you can deliver outstanding turfgrass in a completely domed stadium or a stadium that receives less than optimal sunlight, increasing your field’s natural growth by up to 25% and reducing your energy costs by up to 50% compared to every competitor in the market.*

Rhenac CLS is the best system to bring the sun to your field.

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